quality : is not an act, it is a habit.

Our mutually rewarding business relations with our valued customers since the past 45 years rest on the solid foundation of quality. Such relations have flourished over the years due to our success in meeting the expectations of our customers in quantity, consistency in quality and timely delivery schedule. Precisely why we enjoy the highest degree of trust and reliability with our customers. No wonder, we are the sole suppliers to many top brands.

We have the perfect combination of experience and expertise to handle huge quantities while maintaining amazing consistency in quality and meeting delivery schedule. Our legendary commitment to quality is reflected in every single quality control procedure that we follow in our factory. Not a single unit of material comes in without being stringently checked for confirmation to world-class quality standards. On-line testing is done to ensure the adherence to strict quality specifications and sampling test checking is done prior to the dispatch of material.

At JJ Enterprise, where quality is foremost, quality control is obviously of utmost significance. For quality control, we have implemented Raw material control, Sub component control, Process Control and Final pre delivery control. All the incoming material is tested for adherence to specifications. Online testing is carried out to ensure confirmity to the product specified by our customers. This is followed by pre-delivery inspection. Our fully-equipped Quality Control department is responsible for all the checks and tests that ensure the highest quality standards to our customers. The department maintains day-to-day reports of all testings and a copy of the report is forwarded to the management on a daily basis.

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